Academic Skills Workshop

This is a general workshop that covers the skills that every student needs to know to be successful. The workshop starts with taking a Learning Styles Assessment, and from there we will show you how knowing your learning style can help you understand how best to take notes, study, and take tests. You will also learn about organization and time management skills which are necessary not only for school, but for life as well.

Computer 101 Workshop

This workshop will give you an understanding of the basic computer functions. You will be given resources to practice your typing and learn how to use Google Docs and Gmail. Being able to use a word processor, like Microsoft Word, is an important part of being ready for college or a job. This workshop will help you become comfortable with the program so you can use it successfully.

MLA & APA Formatting Workshop

MLA style is a set of guidelines for formatting and documenting that is used by most colleges for assignments and papers. This workshop will be hands on, and will teach you about MLA formatting rules, using outside sources in your papers, and properly citing those sources. We will give you an understanding of what plagiarism is and how you can avoid it. 

    Research 101 Workshop

    The internet is full of information that can help you write a paper, but how do you find it and how do you know if it is credible? This workshop will help you find the information you are looking for and evaluate sources to find credible information that you can use. The internet is not the only place to get information so you will also learn how to navigate a library and use journals and newspapers.

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