Adult Transitions

The goal of our Adult Transitions program is to help you continue learning.

If you already have your high school diploma and you just want to continue learning, this program might be for you. Adult Education does have a College Transitions and a Career Readiness program that you might want to look into, but if neither of those quite fits your needs, check this one out.

This program will allow you to complete a minimum of 5 courses of your choice. We have both online and textbook options with a wide range of topics.

For each course completed, you will receive a certificate of completion. These courses are not certified or college credits. If you need to take courses as a prerequisite for college, we do offer high school level chemistry, biology, and algebra courses. These can be taken as part of the 5 courses for this program.

Upon completion of the 5 minimum courses, you will be ale to participate in our graduation that happens each year around May or June.


Leah Gomes

(207) 564-5883


Information & Enrollment

Eve Salley, Academic Advisor

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