College Transitions

The goal of this program is to assist people of all ages who wish to make the transition into college-level courses.

We offer the Accuplacer, which is the placement test that local college/universities use. This test sees which areas you may need to improve before taking college courses. From these results, we can place you into our College Transitions classes to improve those skills and bring up those test results. If you need any prerequisites, such as Algebra 1, Biology, or Chemistry, we also offer these credit courses for free. We also provide workshops for financial aid, research, and APA/MLA formatting.


  • Accuplacer Assessment

College Pre-Requisites

  • Biology w/ Lab
  • Chemistry w/ Lab
  • Algebra I

College Prep Workshops

  • Academic Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Research Skills
  • College Applications
  • Financial Aid

Accuplacer Prep Courses

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Algebra
  • College Level Math


Leah Gomes

(207) 564-5883


Information & Enrollment

Eve Salley, Academic Advisor

(207) 564-5884


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