High School Diploma

Never finished high school? Finding your opportunities limited? The best way to remedy that is to enroll in our Adult Education program to complete your high school diploma or earn a HiSET®diploma.

This program is for anyone interested in completing their high school diploma. We evaluate your existing high school transcripts and determine how many classes you need to complete our diploma requirements. You may be closer to earning a high school diploma than you think! 

While you are working on your High School Diploma, we will help you prepare for your next step. Whether that is getting a job or going to college, we are here to help. So along with your regular courses, you will complete workshops for academic, computer, and career readiness. So please feel free to talk to us about what you want to do after completing this program.

Each year, PVAEC holds a graduation for all of its HiSET® and High School Diploma students. It is always a well-attended event and a great experience for all those graduating.

Information & Enrollment

Eve Salley, Academic Advisor.


(207) 341-5370