Basics of Informed Citizenship

Opening Ceremonies

Activity 1: Civics Test

Activity 2: Online Flashcard options

Activity 2: Answers for Naturalization Test

Unit 1: United States Geography

Activity 3 - Political and Physical Maps

Unit 2: Government

Activity 11: (Part 3) iCivics Registration (Do I Have a Right?)

Activity 12: (Part 2) iCivics Login (Branches of Power)

Activity 13: (Part 1) The Basics of Maine Government

Activity 13: (Part 2) Road to Maine Laws

Activity 13: (Part 3) Maine Government WebQuest

Unit 3: The Voter and the Election Process

Activity 15: First Time Voters

Activity 16: So You Think You Can Vote?

Activity 17: The Electoral College

Activity 19: Voting in Your State

Activity 21: (Part 2) "I Side With" quiz

Final Exam

Naturalization Questions