Reading Challenge

Our goal here at PVAEC for 2019 is to read more books.

So, we want you to join us in a reading challenge. There is no specific reading list, but we do have a fun list of ideas to get you started. If you want, you can set a specific goal for yourself of how many books you want to read, or you can just say you want to read more.

You don’t have to start this journey in January. Whenever you start is fine. You don’t even have to be a student at PVAEC.

Remember, there are no requirements for the books that you read. It can be fiction or nonfiction, a graphic novel or how-to manual, a children’s story or young adult, a textbook even! Read to yourself or read to your kids - it all counts.

You can find a collection of books at both the Dexter and Dover offices. Also, most towns have a library with nice librarians who would be more than willing to help you find a book. They can even show you how to check out e-books for free using the Maine Download Library. Tell them we sent you and that you are challenging yourself to read more this year!

Now that you know what the challenge is, let's talk about how the challenge will work!

  • If you have been to the Dover office recently, you may have noticed a tree growing at the end of the hall. This is going to be the base of our reading challenge. We have a couple comfy chairs and a bookcase that will be filling this space.
  • Everyone interested in participating can fill out a star with their name and you can add how many books you would like to read this year. These stars will be hung from the ceiling.
  • For each book that you read, you will be able to fill out a leaf (with your name and the title of the book) and place it on the tree.
  • For every 5 books that you read, you will be able to put your name on a butterfly or caterpillar. Along with your name, you will write which of those 5 books you liked the most. These will be hung from your star on the ceiling. You will also get to enter your name into the quarterly raffle.
  • There are 4 raffles that will happen throughout the year. At each raffle, all the stars on the wall will be taken down and those people will be entered to win. Having stars on the wall is the only way to enter the raffle. So . . . the more books you read, the more stars you can put up on the wall, which means more chances to win!
  • Anyone that can check off all the topics on the Reading Challenge List will be entered into a special drawing at the end of the year. In order to qualify, you must provide a list that has the books you read and the topic that it falls under. Some books may align with more than one topic.

Talking to others about what they are reading is a great way to find new books to read. All of the PVAEC staff will be participating, so make sure to ask them about the books they are reading.

We are getting ready for the challenge!

The Reading Challenge Category List

Keep in mind that the Reading Challenge is to read more books, so you do not have to read books that fall into these categories. However, if you want to be entered into the special drawing at the end of the year, you must have read a book from each category.

Reading Challenge - Category List.pdf